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Checklist of company strengths

Main area Questions
Market share How do we measure up to competition?
Any areas that we dominate or at least have a strong share?
How do our marketing strengths and investment compare with our competitors?
Market growth Are we involved in some growth markets? Are they swallowing cash or merely providing the growth all the companies need for survival?
Are we mainly involved in declining markets with a struggle to survive?
Product quality Are our products and services good value for money? Do we have a good quality record in relation to the price of our goods or do we have a record of customer complaints?
Leadership What is the record of company leadership? Dominant or collective? Visionary or lazy? Risk taking or risk averse? Strong at choosing and supporting new senior managers? Smooth succession over time?  Ethical?
Management and workers Do we have a good industrial relations record?How does our management resource compare with our competitors?
Financial strengths Are we financially sound or are we stretched?What has been our profit record and earnings per share record over the last few years?

Do we have any ‘difficult’ shareholders?

Production costs Are we a least-cost producer? (Not necessarily the lowest)What is our record on plant investment? And other capital investment?

How do we compare with competitors?

Distribution Do we have adequate and cost-effective distribution to our identified target group?Are our competitors under any pressure in this area? How do our costs compare?
Research and development Is this important in our industry or service? How does our record compare with competition?Are we cost effective?
Innovation Is this important in our industry or service? How does our record compare with competition?How are we organised to innovate? Does the company support innovation, even when fails?
Investment practice What is our record on company investment? How does it compare with competition?
Profit performance What is our profit record? How does it compare with competition?What is particularly good about it?

And what could be done better?

Clarity of purpose and objectives Does the company state these clearly? Are they known to those involved and responsible for delivery?Are they measurable? Alternatively, do they have milestones and other means of assessment?



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